Life Goals

I need help, I need help that I ensure that I pursue my dream no matter what. Mostly I need to help myself and encourage myself to get there, but your support and encouragement would mean the world to me as well. I have a fairly specific plan set up to accomplish a very hefty goal. It is BIG. Every time I look at what my dream is I start doubting just a little bit simply because it seems so heavily out of reach.

My dream starts with an experience, or several experiences rather, in Ecuador. I met so many great people that helped me while I was away from family on an LDS Mission. There were so many families that took my companion and myself in as what seemed like family. There was so much delicious food and so much that they were grateful for. They all seemed to have so little though, both those who seemed more well off as well as those who had little money altogether.

It amazed me how grateful people were and what they were able to achieve with so little. Because of the small amount of money, people learned many different skills and abilities so that they could compensate for the lack of money that they had and it was amazing.

Ecuador Poverty

For example, we helped build quite a few houses from cement and rebar, and so many other people helped with us to. Whenever my Companion or I had questions as to how to do something, even the teenagers would help us out with placement of cement or other materials. It just seemed that everybody from a young age knew how to make a house from some of the most basic resources. I also observed young kids tiling their own floors as what seemed like a chore.

From such a young age, these great people have learned so many different kinds of skills and it impressed me how much they were able to achieve with such little money.

Now it is no secret that many South American Countries are 3rd world countries. Or at least many parts of each of them are 3rd world like. I saw so much poverty and even though there were so many skills that were obtained many people didn’t have much money to eat every meal of the day, sometimes had to skip a day of food just to get by.

It hurt to see, but these people were still just so happy and I feel as though they have achieved a level of gratitude that few people have. But while there is that gratitude, there is still a lot of suffering that happens due to a lack of resource and money.

My goal is simple: Give Everybody the Chance to Become an Entrepreneur in Ecuador and Peru.

Huge right? Don’t you worry, I know exactly how big it sounds, but I know what I want it. I realize that the likely hood of my doing that in the next 80 years is slight, but that won’t stop me. I want to create a Legacy. Something that continues long after I die. I want to inspire the most innovative and competitive minds in the world.


The reason that I feel that many of the 3rd world countries are where there are, or at least continue to be where they are is simply because of attitude. Yes, it is good to be grateful. But like I said in my other article, “Be Grateful, Don’t Be Content” I want people to push past their mentality that says, “This is sufficient” and start saying, “I’m ready to go get some more.” There is no secret, the more material possession and resource that you have the harder it is to be grateful. Greed can definitely grow, but there are still many people who have much, and are grateful for it.

I feel that this mentality of entrepreneurship would ignite the fire of Innovation and Competition in the hearts of many. With that, the standard of living slowly (Over years) increases. Eventually they will have the same 1st World type living as the UK, US, and other countries have.

I understand that there are already 1st world places in these 3rd world countries, but the majority of the people that I met still struggle getting by, and I’m not talking about bills, I’m talking about food and water(we drank Coke mostly because it was better than drinking the water). I want to help so many people become more and eventually have more.

I want to raise the standard of living. I don’t want to do it for them by donating millions or anything like that. I want to accumulate the knowledge of how to buy and sell, stocks, real estate, eCommerce and World Trade. If you have been paying attention to my recent FB and Insta Posts I am currently hustling with eCommerce. Then I want to learn how business works most effectively in Ecuador, from there I want to incorporate the things I have learned and teach people how to make money and provide for themselves and their families.

For the Next 20 Years, or in other words until I am 40, I will focus on myself and growing my knowledge and career in the eCommerce and other fields. During that 20 year hustle I want to be building a ridiculously large network and thousands of people. People that can help each other grow, a community that will support this dream and hopefully who have a very similar if not exact same dream.


Years 40 to 60 I want to Study 3rd world countries closely while still growing my personal brand and the Network that I mentioned earlier. While studying them I would like to start a few businesses and test out the different markets to see how they function. I would also get the community so that the Network of people that I know would be in the thousands.

60 and on is when the real hustle begins, It’s time to change (not the world) some countries.  I’m going to be teaching how to create something from something very small. Everything from the flip game all the way to Social Media (or the New kind of social Media) Agencies. I will of course have to much help along the way from people who have this same dream, who will be able to help me teach and influence.

I would love to go more into detail, especially with the next 20 years of my life, but there is so much to it. I will just have to keep you updated on it.

Now I will be straight up honest, I don’t necessarily want to create millionaires or even be one myself. I want to people to live a little bit more comfortably than before. Money won’t do anything for me when I’m dead. I want to be a Legend, Immortalized by the Passion and Knowledge that I pass on. This is such a ridiculous dream and goal. But I know for a fact, that it attainable. Because it is me doing the hustling and it is on Me to make sure it gets done.

I do not advocate greed nor do I wish people to chase money just for the money. I want to make that as simple as plain as possible. I want people to know of the opportunities and learn how to seek out opportunities that bring them to a higher standard of living for both themselves and their families.

I would love to hear your opinions about this! What are your dreams and desires? Would you like to be apart of this community? Leave a comment or message me at



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