A Mistake Made or A Lesson Learned

I’ve made so many mistakes in my life. Many are small and many are large, some didn’t affect much of my life at all and others are still weighing upon my shoulders. The real question, when you realize that you have made a mistake, is how are you going to handle it? Are you going to point your finger? Will you blame somebody else for the errors that you had made? Are you going to accept the consequences that come even if they will negatively affect you or even perhaps those closest to you?

I want everyone to think back to every last achievement that has ever happened. If you closely look at the creation of The United States of America or the many different technologies that have brought many marvelous advances to our society, you will always find thousands upon thousands of mistakes that make up those achievements. Likewise, you can look at any great person that you can think of, whether it be a public figure or someone that you know very well and who you admire very well, you will find that that person has made many mistakes in his or her life as well.

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The great divider between those who become great and go on to do great things and the people who you don’t admire will be the people who accept the mistakes and consequences that follow and learn from them. The key word there is the word, “LEARN”. Everybody will make mistakes, some will accept and acknowledge the consequences of those mistakes but few will learn from them. The reason that very few people learn from their mistakes is because of habits that they build to that mistake. It’s hard. Habits heavy impact on our ability to overcome and learn from our mistakes.

So how do we overcome the mistakes that we make? I believe the first thing that we always have to tackle is first noticing that we are making a mistake. We have to learn how to assess ourselves and to be humble enough to notice that we may be wrong. That is something that many people have a problem with is that they believe they are infallible. The fact that a person thinks they are always right shows their inability to change and to become better. Accept that you are fallible and there is the possibility that you are wrong. Be steadfast in belief, but willing to take new information and study it out. Be willing to take a hard look at yourself and understand what could have gone wrong or what you did wrong.

Now, this can also be very dangerous as well. Many times we put too much stress on our mistakes and we start to devalue ourselves based off of one mistake that we made. Or perhaps it was a series of mistakes that we made. The idea of change isn’t to feel so bad that you devalue yourself, but it is to feel bad enough to reevaluate where you are and how you can change. It is a difficult situation to be in and it is really hard to walk that very straight line. But for us to be able to excel and to become more than what we are it is necessary that we walk it. Be sure to never think that you are any less than what you were simply based off of a few mistakes in your life. Never think that you can’t overcome those challenges and become that better person.


Once you recognize what you have done wrong and can self-evaluate that, now you can take a little bit more action. You can now create an action plan on taking certain steps to overcome that habit or mistake that is holding you back from becoming more. Now as you create an action plan you will always have to ask yourself, can I do this by myself or do I need some help. You will need to answer this for yourself as earnestly as you can. It is ok to need help, that is completely ok. In fact, more often than not, most of us NEED help to overcome the different things in our lives. If we can get a coach, we can honestly keep them updated to our progress and they can encourage us when things get hard and help remind us of our goals. Now if it isn’t something that is habit based you can always use a friend to help you find out the moments that you are making the mistake over and over again. This way you can more easily tell when you are making that mistake.

During your path to becoming a better person, the hardest trial is still yet to be had. Consequences. This is many times the hardest part about overcoming our mistakes is living with the consequences of that action. Many times the consequences are immediate and last but a moment. Other times the consequences last for years or perhaps even a lifetime, you have to be able to accept them regardless of how hard the consequences are. This is something that I still have a hard time with, money isn’t something that I have always been responsible with and I am paying the price right now for many of the mistakes that I have made with it in the past. Whether it is debt or perhaps spending a paycheck on something that doesn’t matter can put a person in a position where it is harder to find a place to live or limits that mode of transportation that you use. It is still something that I have to live with and something that I am overcoming. I’m learning how to handle money more responsibly, and while it has taken a little bit of time I have been able to make a bit more of a clear plan of action and I can be responsible to my Sweetheart to help me stay on track with where my goals are financially.


Overcoming mistakes is what it means to be human. This is how we influence others is by mastering ourselves. This mastery will help us to be able to help others to overcome their problems and it keeps on becoming an exponential effect. So as you think about how to change the world, first think about how you are going to change yourself so that you can change the world.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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