Keep Your Focus Forward

There is something to be said by keeping your focus forward. Many times we look at our lives and see that there is so much that we need to do that it sometimes makes us feel small. What I like to do is look at all of the things that make me feel small and see them as opportunities for me to grow into. It lets me know that there is a limitless amount of information that I could learn. There is an infinite amount of knowledge that I could obtain in order to progress my status or place in life. There is so much room for growth and if I focus on the things that will help me become better, there will be so much there that, if you are doing it right, you won’t have the time to focus on the negative things.


This is such a great topic to address because it is what makes life so thrilling! You have so many things in front of you that you could potentially love. So learn as much as you can and try to understand every concept that comes your way. As you dive into the many things that this life has to offer than you will start to test life, you will begin to hold on to the things that bring you joy and throw away the things that you dislike. It just opens up so many different avenues that will help you in your journey to accel and become even better than what you were.

For an example of this Patrick, my boi, and I were sitting down at one of our jobs together and we started looking at different ways of how to make money on a free informational video platform called “YouTube”. Now as you may begin to read this and think that no one should ever learn from a source like that because it’s a “scam” I have these words for you. The only reason it is a scam is that you expect the promises that the person on the other end of the video makes to be absolute. That is the foolish part. If you go in not expecting to have guaranteed results and having to dedicate time and learning to the subject, then you are off to a great start. There is generally some amount of truth to what people do say online when offering knowledge, but it is up to us to use our God-given intellect to apply and learn to apply the things that may be taught. Some of the things that are learned may work and some may not.


As we were learning we decided that the only way to get going was to start a business. So we started getting to work and created an LLC. We set up an Amazon Seller account and got started with some Retail Arbitrage. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was getting our first sell and then two and then several in the same day. There was a good amount of preparation in setting up the shipping, getting it to the Amazon facilities, but the learning experience was invaluable to things that we would do in the future from that moment. It was so amazing learning how to balance a budget and to understand how to sell more. and we learned it from watching some youtube videos. How cool is that? Now we didn’t end up scaling because other things impeded from us doing so in our lives outside of it. But there is so much potential just like to to make money in so many different places. You just have to be willing to find it and act on it.

Think about education, now while I may not be a very large advocate for college, I very much am a huge believer in education. If you own a phone and have a solid Wifi connection you have an almost infinite source of information that you can reach out to. Now is all the information true? NO. You have to be able to sift through that information and understand it by application. Much like how Patrick and I learned how to set up a Business, you can learn anything through online resources. Don’t believe everything that you see, but be willing to have an open mind and test the different sources of knowledge to see if they really are true. I just think it is incredible that so many people talk about how structured learning is the only way to have an education and that a test-taking atmosphere is the only way to learn. Most people that I personally know don’t learn the way that universities have you learn. It’s too structured/tailored to a test-taking atmosphere of obtaining information and spitting it back out. There are very few that teach it through experience.


Experience is the real educator.  I know of few people who tell me that there education from their university ties into anything that they do with their field. It isn’t until they get to their actual jobs where they receive training that is tailored to their field and after a few weeks are able to perform their job to expectation. Why am I going to pay $30k(on the low end) and 4 years of my life to just receive additional training in the job I get anyway. The only thing that I have observed that has its value is the little piece of paper that says you at least did an average job (C- or higher) in your classes that are tailored toward a very specific type of learning. Even though it is each company’s prerogative to hire how they will, I find it funny how they believe that paper actually means more than somebody who has a history of working hard and has a great attitude. Hard skills for many aren’t too hard to pick up on, it’s the soft skills that companies need to help out with the environment of their workplaces to keep those workers.

Just as a side note though, there are many jobs in which I very strongly believe do need a specific certification to have. The best example is the Surgeon. I don’t want someone operating on me that has only watched youtube videos and read medical blogs. There are a ton of jobs that are similar, so I don’t want anyone thinking that I am completely against college education.


If you want to learn how to write a great essay or a great resume, spend two hours on the internet and you will find many different places that will help teach you concepts for free on how to write them. If you want to learn then start to send them to friends an families or submit them to online forums to have people review them and they will give you free reviews on it. It may take time to hone in your skills, but the more effort that you direct to a particular skill, you will learn it. If you want to learn how to make more money doing little things, be open to ideas, but more than anything be willing to work hard because money isn’t free.

There is just so much that people can go out there and learn. The whole world is open to them, to you. You have so much potential and that potential can be realized through the many technologies that we have at our disposal. Anything that you want to learn is simply at the tip of your fingers. Don’t waste your time with things in the past that won’t push you forward. Infinite knowledge is yours, you just have to be willing to work.

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