Hustling is Hard

Everybody knows how hard it is to keep on hustling or to stay energized throughout a week is extremely tough. I talked about how we are able to gain more energy in my last article, “Essence and Energy“. Now don’t get me wrong! I have a whole bunch of energy to get going and hustle for hours on end. But I also know what it feels like to simply “not be in the mood”.

That is where things get hard. What do we do when we just aren’t in the mood to keep going and accomplish the goals that we set yesterday? Because today feels totally different than yesterday. Now while this affects our desire it doesn’t necessarily mean that it affects our ability to continue with our goals, while it certainly feels like it sometimes. I want you to think of the time that you decided to diet. During that day you tend to do really well you watch what you eat. The next day you do pretty well with staying on a regimented diet. A couple of days down the road however you find yourself with friends and they are all ordering McDonald’s. What do you do?


There will always be forces outside of your own will that will urge you to contradict your goals. It happens every time we make a goal. This, however, is the deciding factor on whether or not we will overcome. Even though our friends may urge us to buy that Big Mac, they can’t force us to reach into our wallet and make that purchase or take the food that they got and literally shove it down our throat. If they did, you need to find some new friends. They won’t be able to affect your actual ability to not eat, though it may feel like it through peer pressure. That is just the thing. The reason we fail our goal so many times is that we feel that we are being coerced, even though our ability was never gone.

To those who have tried or who are or who have built a personal brand, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, that is what I am doing by writing this article. There are days where even though it’s been a couple of days I’ll convince myself that I will write some other day. I convinced myself that I won’t do it, simply because of writing that particular day isn’t that necessary. Sometimes I will open up the browser and just sit and not think of anything to write because I don’t “feel like it”.  Even though I don’t feel like it, there are so many different things about my day that I could write about, my ability isn’t gone, I have just convinced myself that I can’t.


Our ability to overcome our own thoughts and our own coercions will be what helps us to become the person we want to become and help us achieve our goals. This is done through habits. Habits are sometimes the hardest things to form, especially when the new habits that we are trying to form means getting rid of older habits that perhaps drag us down. This can be as simple and opening up Facebook while working on a homework assignment, almost as if it is muscle memory. It could be as large as to get yourself into a specific workout routine every day wherein the very beginning you feel pain. There is such a variety of habits that you could try to form and yet in every instance, you will begin to see that the reason they are so hard to set is because of old habits that you have.

The biggest thing that I’m trying to say is that Motivation isn’t a forever solution to doubt or inaction. It can start the process of dedication and progress, but no one that I know of in life has every always been motivated to always keep going. Everybody will go through periods in their lives where they will feel as though everything is fighting against them. They will go through the “I don’t feel like it” attitude. There is no way around it, it is just part of human nature to become lazy. But we do have to learn how to overcome it and become better and as said before, it will come down to the dedication of habits.


Now while I did say that motivation won’t always be there, that is to say, the external motivation won’t always be there. Your willpower and your internal motivation can be an exhaustless force that can carry any person to greatness. Now to be able to learn how to motivate yourself can still become a tricky task, but I outline it in, “Essense and Energy“. You have to learn how to become grateful as well, gratitude can become a huge source of motivation. When you realize that you have it all, it makes you feel as though you owe it all to those that love you as well. If you learn how to love yourself you will also begin to appreciate who you are and start to believe in your own ability to make things happen.

There are so many things that you can use to motivate yourself. There is so much willpower that every human person can partake in. It just depends on if they are willing to exercise those muscles because they definitely won’t come immediately. They will come over time, so you have to become patient. The good habits that you create will eventually help you to overcome the bad habits that are so easily destructive in your life. The more you are able to change and adapt the more you will realize that you are in control of your own life.

Of course, once you have the ability to no longer need motivation provided by others by having that ridiculous amount of self-confidence and self-ability you can then begin to share with others. You can begin to change other peoples lives. You can teach others how to hustle hard.

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