You Are Alone

You are alone.

But you are with the two of the most powerful people you will ever meet.

I wish to talk about two people whom you should know that are the most powerful in your life. The two persons that will be able to help you change your life and overcome any obstacle. You will find how incredibly powerful these people are in conquering problems and succeeding in change. You will also notice how amazing they are when working together. There is no power that would be able to stand against these two.

The first is God. The Almighty, The All-knowing and The Father. I do not want to take away from His Holiness one bit, but I do want to address him during this article as perhaps someone more familiar. He is our Father. I want you to think of your most cherished memories of your father, or perhaps someone you view as the most kind and wise father figure. How would you talk to him? How would he talk to you? Does he love you? Do you love him? As the scripture says in the Bible, ” . . . Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” This love that we have towards Him is what allows our connection with Him to grow. There is no doubt the He loves all of his children, and there is little doubt that we have troubles loving Him as completely as He loves us.


He provides for us, He keeps us safe, He provides challenging circumstances for us to lean on Him for guidance. He is the source of all knowledge and all comes from Him. If we think about Him in the light of an instructor, He would have us ask Him questions that we might learn and grow. He is eager, as the Perfect Teacher, to guide us and help us to understand the things both of this world and above this world. He wants us to ask Him questions, He is ready to teach His precious children how to overcome their problems. Many times though we often take His teaching as “harsh circumstance” which it is. There are very few of us if none at all that haven’t experienced something tragic. There are many in the world who suffer from hunger. There are others whose family members suffer from Cancer or other ailments that will end up taking the life of that loved one. There are also many who may be suffering from difficult financial circumstances, that seem almost too harsh to recover from.

As all of us have in some way or another, we question God’s ability to help us overcome these extremely daunting circumstances. They seem all too prevalent in the world and they seem so difficult for us to tackle. We lose hope sometimes and second guess our faith in Him. As any great Teacher though, He is extremely patient with us and holds out with us. He is ready to lend His hand as we lift our voices to reach him. Sometimes, as it says so often in the scriptures, we have to be humbled to the dust of the earth before we allow ourselves to overcome our pride and reach out to Him. While he does so often answer the prayer of those who have humbled themselves, imagine the power that one would have who was already humble and who has developed his or her relationship with God to the degree that that communication is almost instant. This is what we should strive towards.

Now the other powerful person isn’t who you think it might is.

It’s You.


That’s right, you are one of the most powerful people in your life. You are the final decision maker that gets to decide how you react to the different circumstances in your life. Do you always get to choose those circumstances? No. But you get to decide how you react and how you overcome the different difficulties that there are in life. Now the reason that I say the You Are Alone is because you are Unique. You are unlike any person that has come before you or any person that will come after you. You are alone in the regard that no person other than God will never completely understand the way you feel, the way you think and the way you do things. That doesn’t mean however that you have to go about your life in a solemn solitary manner. God has gifted many of us with family and to many others, friends.

You have to learn how to believe in yourself and your uniqueness. There is no one who can accomplish the things that you can. Are you better than anyone? No. Are you worse than anyone? No. You are not comparable to anyone, nobody is. You were made by our God to overcome and to learn in your own way. You were made to influence people around you to help build their lives and their talents. We are all here to help each other get to our Home. One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 22:39 “… thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Now while God does command us to love our neighbors, He is not commanding us to love our neighbors more than ourselves. It is as ourselves. We are also supposed to love ourselves and believe in ourselves. Self-doubt is probably the largest impediment when it comes to personal progress.

Yes, we have to be able to recognize when we make mistakes, but we are not supposed to beat ourselves into submission from the mistakes that we have made. We are not to degrade ourselves when we look at someone else’s accomplishments. We are not to say that we are any less than others for the sake of “loving” them. We are all Children of our Heavenly Father, and that includes you. Now I don’t want you to get the idea that you should be telling everybody how great you are. Pride is the mask of insecurity. You are not to put yourself above others, but you aren’t supposed to put yourself below anybody else either.

You are one of the most powerful beings in your life, because without your action the challenges of your life may never be overcome. Once you start to believe in yourself and see yourself as a Precious Son or Daugther of God you gain more power than any other being that you will meet in your life.


Now both together, You and God. That is a team that is unstoppable. That is a pair that will never falter. Now we are always fallible, we are not perfect, but as we continue to try and to overcome, God seems to weave his knowledge in our efforts as we press on. Our burdens become easier to bear and our circumstances seem to weigh less on our shoulders. I am not saying that they are any less dire, but our ability to cope and get through them is expanded.

We can do some. God knows all. Together, we can overcome anything.


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