The Context of Your Life

You will always hear advice, advice from parents, from siblings, from family members and from friends. They will all tell you how you could or sometimes should live your life. They will tell you the reasons why each of their “solutions” will help you on your way and help you to maintain happiness. This is one of the largest things that I have found out to be one of the largest deposits of misinformation. I feel very much that anytime anyone says “It can’t be true if you read it off the internet.” I feel that so many people are misinformed that you should necessarily believe everything you hear from family either.

Now I am not saying for a second that my parents are misleading me, or that my friends and telling me that there is only one way to live life happily. But they all do to an extent, even without thinking about it. Even I mislead people with information that either I have obtained without context or simply based on my life experience. It will really come down to understanding yourself. Now there are a lot of things that are life’s best practices. One could be looking both ways before you cross the street. Another could be not going into debt that might ruin your future when it is being put towards things that may not be building in value.


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Life is all about context. The first thing that you have to absolutely do before you make decisions as to what you believe and what you “know” is understand who you are. There are few people that I know understand that before their twenties or even during their twenties. Even if you feel that you should have your life figured out by 30 or 40 I have seen too many times that people of that age group don’t totally understand and know themselves either. I would encourage everybody to understand what truly makes them happy.

If you know me then you know I absolutely love Camaros. They are without a doubt the coolest looking car out there. However, as much as I want to buy one or drive one, I understand that what really makes me happy is just driving. I love to drive, it doesn’t matter if it’s to the grocery store or on a 6 to 16 hour road trip. I just love to drive and will drive any chance I get. My second largest bill to pay is my gas bill. I put my money in my passion in that regard. It really doesn’t matter to me in the long run if I had a Camaro. Sure, it would be fun, especially the newer ZL1 with 650 hp! But, regardless of the thrill, it doesn’t beat a long conversation with my Sweetheart or a jam session with my Boi.

Now I have written about college so many times, but I feel sometimes my feelings and what I say are so often taken out of context. CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING! If during your life you would like to get an education in a university and pay $90k a year to become a doctor. By all means, it may be a worthy endeavor. But if you are taking out $30k a year for something like a liberal arts degree which jobs don’t pay very well after college. You are literally screwing yourself over. Save that money. If you want to go for an experience and meet more people, start going more places by taking a local bus and going to new locations where there are new people to meet. They are literally everywhere. If you want to experience moving away for home, then move away from home and don’t use the university as an excuse.

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Here is where context very highly comes in. If someone, like myself currently, isn’t going to college. I have to accept that there are hundreds if not thousands of jobs that I would qualify for if I did have a degree. That isn’t in question. There are always going to be jobs, especially if you are a hustler and know how to find opportunities. All I know is I don’t really like it when I see parents hound their kids into getting themselves to a University where they are many times filling their own insecurities. Yes, college can help you with more opportunities. There are also so many different kinds of opportunities that can scale way larger than a college degree can and can be found at a way cheaper price/free.

When it really comes down to it though, if you are obtaining a college degree to simply make more money, you’ve missed the whole point. It’s not about the money. It’s about what you want, it’s about who you are. Money won’t make you happy. It can get you things, but it can’t provide feeling and emotion. People and experiences do that. So if you want to go to college, great! Just make sure you are going because your chosen field is something you know you love. If you aren’t sure you love it, take the time to be around it. If you love programming and computers look up different free online coding schools. They are everywhere. If you want to know if you love teaching, try doing an online teaching school where you can teach someone English or another language you know. If you want to learn more about social media, use them, post often, and learn as much about them as you can.

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Understand who you are and YOUR LIFE’S CONTEXT. Once you know that, you’ve won half the battle of life. I am not saying that everybody else’s advice is a bunch of bullcrap because for their life it wasn’t. You live a completely different life though, their advice may not completely apply, so take it as it is but don’t blindly accept advice. It often times leads to a place where unrealistic expectations are made and relationships are bent and broken.


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