Patrick and the Dragon

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Patrick and the Dragon My and my homeboy talking about some things from the last week! Got a Dragon and hit up the Gym! Listen in!

Listen to the Crowd and Give Up

I'm not the biggest fan of Basketball but I can definitely get wild sometimes! Especially when I'm with my Boi Patrick! We had a baller day at the Utah Jazz Game and eating at one of the most delishous places on Earth! But there is something real that happens at almost every competitive event that … Continue reading Listen to the Crowd and Give Up

Patience and Passion

I know what it is like starting something and then not finishing. We all do. It is a part of human nature to stop when we are tired. That is when we really have to take a look at ourselves and understand what makes us stand apart from other beings of nature. We can keep … Continue reading Patience and Passion