Make the Most of Where You Are

It has come to my attention that my life is just spinning out of control. Yet I have never felt happier with where I have been at. This life is never meant to go as planned. We may make tons of different plans to accomplish many different kinds of things, but at the end of … Continue reading Make the Most of Where You Are

Patrick and the Dragon

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Patrick and the Dragon My and my homeboy talking about some things from the last week! Got a Dragon and hit up the Gym! Listen in!

Listen to the Crowd and Give Up

I'm not the biggest fan of Basketball but I can definitely get wild sometimes! Especially when I'm with my Boi Patrick! We had a baller day at the Utah Jazz Game and eating at one of the most delishous places on Earth! But there is something real that happens at almost every competitive event that … Continue reading Listen to the Crowd and Give Up