Make the Most of Where You Are

It has come to my attention that my life is just spinning out of control. Yet I have never felt happier with where I have been at. This life is never meant to go as planned. We may make tons of different plans to accomplish many different kinds of things, but at the end of … Continue reading Make the Most of Where You Are

Patrick and the Dragon

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Patrick and the Dragon My and my homeboy talking about some things from the last week! Got a Dragon and hit up the Gym! Listen in!

Patience and Passion

I know what it is like starting something and then not finishing. We all do. It is a part of human nature to stop when we are tired. That is when we really have to take a look at ourselves and understand what makes us stand apart from other beings of nature. We can keep … Continue reading Patience and Passion

People Change

It's a fact, people change. Do you remember looking at someone in elementary and thinking someone was a complete and utter jerk? Finding out that 20 years later they are one of the stand up people who will ensure that those around them are taken care of? Perhaps you have noticed the exact opposite of … Continue reading People Change

Tasting Life

There is so much to life and so much to explore that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. For some, however, they don't realize how much life has to offer and in the different ways it can offer so many different things. There are so many different kinds of cultures that are out there. … Continue reading Tasting Life

Be Grateful, Don’t Be Content

They seem to have such similar meanings and yet they are so different. Now in all honesty, this could be controversial depending on how you define the two words, but for today gratitude is what we want and we want to stay away from being content. Now at first glance these two words seem so … Continue reading Be Grateful, Don’t Be Content